Where Did they Film Dances with Wolves?

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Is a book by Mike Rowe. This book contains a collection of essays by Mike Rowe, an American TV host, and actor best known for his work on the Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs series. He also has written other books such as The Way I Heard It and Left of Boom.

Costner Did Most of the Stunts

It is expected that if an actor gets to perform stunts in a movie, the best director will make all his moves. But what happened in this particular film? The main actor reportedly did most of the action stunts himself and he just told directors how it should be done before filming. He was so dedicated about doing everything that even though he had three broken toes at one point during production, there were no problems reported by different crew members regarding him not standing up or falling down while performing some tough scenes (p 31).

Did Kevin Costner Keep the Horse from Dances with Wolves?

Yes, he keeps it and now visits the place where the horse was filmed. In an interview with GetGlue in 2013, Costner revealed that although he did not have a hand directly involved with Dances With Wolves (DW2W), for some time after completing his role in The Postman of Kevin Land films II & III.

“I kept her all these years until I got to be old enough to own dogs and then I really took care of this animal because she needed attention. She lives here at my house by herself, buried under our driveway. So when we bring the grandchildren by, I bring my granddaughter around and she says, “Grandpa look what you’ve done to your old horse (HH 153).

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Jackson Hole, Wyoming is a small town in the U.S. state of Wyoming and has been the location for several Hollywood movies including Where did they film dances with wolves? It is believed to be the main setting for Kevin Costner’s Dances with Wolves. If a movie was shot in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and it does not specifically mention that then chances are very small that the set location used was actually been filmed here (The Hollywood Reporter).

Are they Really Speaking Sioux in Dances With Wolves?

Yes, Kevin Costner was able to talk with Native Americans, and he got real dialogue from them (HH 117).

Rob Mueller’s film: Silent Thunder – A Story of the Sioux Wars is a documentary that shows scenes from Dances With Wolves along with interviews of many different people involved in the process such as actors, extras, crew members, and filmmakers for information about filming such as shooting days/times on set, etc. The description above once read.

Rob said nothing else about changes made by whites when it came time for production between June and November 1989. Except for that actor, Kevin Costner had hired Native Americans to play extras as Sioux when shot on location in Jackson, Wyoming (“Silent Thunder”). More than 50 Native American “extras” were hired for $150 apiece per day ($1400 total)” (HH 117-118).

Were Buffalo Killed in Dances with Wolves?

Buffalo was killed to make a more dramatic scene (HH 69).

Dances with Wolves was filmed in Yellowstone National Park. But buffalo weren’t there during the time that it depicted. Calf Creek Falls and Porcupine Canyon north of Old Faithful have been used for Dances With Wolves scenes (Wounded Buffalo: Native American Burial Rituals – Gail Stewart 4/2006 issue 32).

Since June 1989 when Dances With Wolves was released many extras posed as native Americans wearing clothes.

What River was Filmed in Dances With Wolves?

The Lakota Sioux lived in the Great Plains of North America. The film was filmed near the river that flowed through their territory.

In 1868, General William Tecumseh Sherman ordered his troops to march into this territory and attack their people, forcing them to surrender. It is believed that during the battle a white soldier shot and killed an Indian woman who was carrying a baby. This led to anger among the Indians and they were said to have destroyed two entire American army columns before being forced to retreat back across the river where they had come from.

The events leading up to these battles are depicted in Dances With Wolves which was filmed in Pierre, South Dakota near Rapid City, SD.

How Many Bison were Used in Dances With Wolves?

The movie Dances With Wolves was based on a novel of the same name. In this film, there were many scenes with bison, which means that there was a lot of bison used in the production.

There are no definite numbers for how many bison were used in the movie but according to reports, at least 100-200 buffalo were used in making this film.

It Won Oscars for Film Editing, Sound, and Cinematography

Dances With Wolves was nominated for a “Golden Globe”, “Academy Award” in six categories: Best Picture, Sound Effects Editing (Directors. Richard Edlund), Cinematography (Craig Lathrop), Directing, Film Editing, and Musical Score by John Barry. The film won three Golden Globes and received two nominations at both Academy Awards.


Here are some frequently asked questions to film dances with wolves.

Q: Where did they film the movie Dances With Wolves?

A: The movie Dances With Wolves was filmed in the United States, Canada, and South Africa.

The film is based on a book of the same name by Michael Blake, about a Civil War veteran who goes to live with Native Americans. The film has been critically acclaimed for its powerful depiction of American society during the late 19th century.

Q: Where were the prairie scenes filmed in Dances With Wolves?

A: The prairie scenes were filmed in various locations across North America, including Alberta, Canada; Montana, United States, and Saskatchewan, Canada.

Q: Can you visit where Dances With Wolves was filmed?

A: The original location of the film is called Medicine Creek. However, there are some places where you can visit and get a glimpse of the setting for Dances With Wolves.

Some places that you can visit include:

1. The Museum of the American Indian in Washington, DC

2. Fort Robinson badlands National park Historic Site in Nebraska

3. South Dakota Museum of Natural History in Aberdeen, South Dakota

4. The First National Bank in Bismarck North Dakota

5. Boom Island Interpretive Park which is located along the Missouri Belle Fourche River and is near Fargo North Dakota

6. Ute Mountain Tribal Park Colorado

7. Buffalo Bill Historical Center in Cody, Wyoming

Q: Which other movies were shot in the same location as dances with wolves?

A: The list of movies that were shot in the same location as Dances with Wolves is very long.

Some of the most famous movies that were shot in the same place are:

1. Jurassic Park

2. Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone

3. Pirates of the Caribbean

4. Star Wars

5. Batman Begins

6. Lord Of The Rings

7. Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade

8. Grease

9. Braveheart

10. X-Men

11. Avatar

Q: How old was the actress who played the character Dances with Wolves?

A: An actress who played the character Dances with Wolves was actually not that old when she started acting. She had just turned 16 years old when she first got the role.


The story of Dances with Wolves is considered a modern classic now, and one thing you can be sure about is that no matter which version or format it came in, from the 85 min cut to 3d IMAX screenings. It was received with a great response by both critics and audiences alike for being very original in nature.

Its critical acclaim has pushed it, even now in 2022. As filmmakers say a great deal of the time about remakes, sometimes if you don’t make your own version or at least change certain things around such as length (I think Dancer with Wolves would’ve been better had they made it longer).

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