How To Film In Virtual Reality?

Do you know, how to film in virtual reality? If you don’t know, this article is for you.

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It’s a good question if you want to make a film for the film. This is because filming requires some special equipment, which is very expensive. For example, there is a 360-degree camera that can be connected to the computer and other devices. So that it can shoot film movements using multiple cameras.

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What Is Virtual Reality Technology?

Virtual Reality (VR) is the experience of using technology to replace the real world with a simulated one. Users can interact with synthetic objects and even other people. The most advanced VR may include full-body suits that track your position, allowing you to move around an area instead of being limited to sitting or standing in place, communicating via headsets and handheld controllers.

These technologies are becoming more affordable and common, which means it’s getting easier for consumers to create their own experiences rather than relying on professionals. In fact, Facebook bought Oculus this year for $2 Billion dollars because they believe VR has the vast potential not only as entertainment but also as a platform for communication and education.

The film industry is getting involved early since they see VR as the next big film technology, rather than another film distribution/exhibition format like 3D or IMAX.

How To Make A Good Virtual Reality Film?

Virtual Reality film is a film that uses 360 degrees cameras (such as Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, etc.). It can be seen by everyone. The difference between the film and other films is that it uses advanced technology to integrate computer graphics scenes into the film.

This technology makes the audience feel as if they are present in a particular situation or place. In addition, some films also use auditory, visual, and tactile feedback to make them more realistic. The most important thing about Virtual Reality films is that you can control your own experience while watching a film, such as how much you want to move to see another scene of what happens or how fast you want to move.

Tips For Filming In Virtual Reality (VR)

Having worked with filmmakers all around the globe for many years, here are some tips I offer filmmakers new to Virtual Reality film making:


It’s one thing to possess expensive film equipment but if you’re not properly prepared your efforts may be wasted. There aren’t any hard rules yet when it comes to shooting virtual reality films; only guidelines that add more confusion each time someone publishes them.

It might even seem overwhelming at times, but it is critical to learn the rules and trends of filmmaking if you want to produce content that will stand out. And filmmakers who have been at this for a bit are still trying to figure out what works best.


Your film does not need complex 3D animation. A simple concept done right can be more compelling than the most elaborate well-financed film.


Don’t try to over embellish your film with complex sound production, music, or voiceovers. It’s often said less is more but in VR film making just enough is absolutely essential!


Take advantage of VR film’s interactive nature by offering several different paths through your story that ‘trivializes’ all choices simply being one choice or another.


Don’t film only in a VR film studio. Put your film into locations that are appealing to your audience, whether it be on location or an interior set. This will make the film seem more real and give the film some realism in standing out from all of the other film productions out there today.


Filming in virtual reality film production might be difficult. It is definitely worth the effort. Besides being an exciting exploration of film-making possibilities, film production for virtual reality can also be profitable. if you manage to create a film that will attract viewers and help them experience something they wouldn’t see anywhere else.

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