How Much Does Film Production Insurance Cost?

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A lot of film productions are not covered by insurance. But the good news is that you can protect your production with a variety of insurance options. This guide will help you understand how much does film production insurance costs, how to purchase it, and what coverages are available for your production.

What is Film Production Insurance Cost?

Film production insurance cost is a coverage that is offered by most film insurance companies to help protect the filmmakers and their crew during the filming process. This general liability coverage can include things like property damage, general liability insurance, personal injury, and loss of equipment.

The cost of this coverage will vary depending on the type of film production insurance policy that you purchase. However, it is usually a very affordable option and can be a great way to protect yourself and your team during the filming process.

Errors And Omissions Insurance(E&O)

An Errors and Omissions insurance(e&o) general liability policy can help protect your film production company from financial losses caused.

This type of policy insurance can cover a wide range of potential claims, including:

Step#01 – Damages To Property

This includes damage to sets, equipment, and other physical assets used in music video production.

Step#02 – Liability

This covers people who are responsible for causing injury or damage to others on set.

Step#03 – Unpaid Wages

If employees are not paid what they are owed due to an error or omission by the production company, this coverage can help reimburse them for lost wages.

If someone steals your intellectual property (such as ideas or storylines) and uses them without permission in their own film or TV project, this coverage can help you sue them for damages.

Why Does Filmmaker Need Film Production Insurance?

Film production insurance is a policy that covers the costs of filming and can help protect your business from potential losses.

Film production insurance can cover a variety of risks, including:

Step#01 – Property Damage

This coverage will help cover any damage to property that is caused by the filming process, such as equipment coverage or sets.

Step#02 – Liability

This coverage will help protect you from lawsuits that may be filed due to accidents or injuries on set.

Step#03 – Contractual Obligations

This coverage will help cover any contractual obligations that you have with actors, crew or other parties involved in the film production.

Step#04 – Unforeseen Events

This coverage can help cover any unforeseen events that could happen during the filming process, such as natural disasters.

What is a Certificate of Insurance?

A certificate of insurance is a document that proves that you are insured. It is usually issued by an insurance company and is used to show proof of insurance when applying for a loan, renting an apartment, or opening a bank account.

There are many benefits of having a certificate of insurance, such as:

• It shows that you are protected in case something happens and your insurance policy covers you.

• It can help you get a mortgage or other financial products if you have proof of insurance.

• It can protect your business insurance from legal action if something bad happens and your insurance policy covers the business.

What Types Of Coverage are There For a Film Production Company?

There are many types of coverage that a film production company can seek. These include:

Step#01 – Press Release Coverage

This is the most common type of coverage and is when a film production company releases information about its project to the media. This could be through newspapers, magazines, online publications, or other platforms.

Step#02 – Blog Coverage

A blog article about your film production company can help generate traffic to your website and potentially lead to more business.

Step#03 – Radio Coverage

Radio stations are always looking for new content to feature and may be interested in interviewing you or featuring your company on their show.

Step#04 – Trade Show Coverage

Attending trade shows can give your film production company the opportunity to meet with potential investors, distributors, and other business partners.

Pre-Production Film Insurance Process

The pre-production film insurance process is a vital part of any production. It protects the crew and equipment from accidents or losses that may occur while filming.

The process begins by filing a claim with your insurance company. This will help them to assess the damage and decide whether or not to pay out on the claim.

If the claim is approved, your insurance company will send out a claims adjuster to inspect the scene of the accident and make a preliminary assessment of the damages.

Once this has been completed, your insurance company will provide you with an estimate of how much they believe they will be able to pay out on the claim.

It is important to keep all of this information in a safe place so that you can refer to it if necessary.

Finally, once all of this has been sorted out, you will need to file paperwork with the police and other relevant authorities in order to establish what happened and who was responsible for it.


Here are some frequently asked questions to know the film production insurance.

Q: How much does film insurance cost on average?

A: Film insurance costs vary depending on the type of film insurance you need and the company you choose to insure your film.

The average cost for a standard policy is around $100 per month. However, this price can increase or decrease depending on the location of the insured property, the type of film being insured, and other factors.

It is important to shop around and compare rates before choosing a film insurance company because not all companies offer the same policies at the same price.

Q: How much does it cost to insure a short film?

A: There is no one answer to this question as the cost of insurance for a short-term production insurance film will vary depending on the coverage that you need and the type of film.

However, a good rule of thumb is to expect to pay between $1,000 and $5,000 per year for basic insurance coverage.

Q: How much does E&O insurance cost for a film?

A: E&O insurance is an important part of any film production company’s coverage. It covers you and your employees in the event that something goes wrong on set, such as a lawsuit.

The cost of E&O insurance can vary depending on the size of your company and the type of coverage you need. However, it is usually around $1 million per occurrence.

It is important to have E&O insurance because it can help protect your business from expensive lawsuits. In addition, having this coverage will help reassure investors that your company is financially stable.

Q: Do I need film production insurance?

A: Yes, you do need film production insurance. This is because any type of accident or incident can happen while filming a movie, which could lead to significant financial losses.

Some common types of accidents that could occur during film production include:

• Equipment failure: This could be anything from a camera going wrong to a stage falling down.

• Actors getting hurt: This could be due to falls, collisions with props or other actors, or even fires.

• Natural disasters: A storm in the area where the movie is being filmed can cause serious damage to sets and equipment.

• The crew getting sick: Illness onset can delay shooting and increase costs significantly.

If you are planning on filming a movie, it is important to get insurance that covers all potential risks.


Film production equipment insurance is a necessity for all film productions. The costs of insurance vary depending on the type of project and location. If you are planning to produce a short film or documentary, you can opt for a policy that covers your crew and equipment.

However, if you are looking to produce a feature-length film producer, you will need an insurance policy that covers more than just your cast and crew. It is advisable to have a separate policy in place for each type of project.

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