What are the 5 Stages of Film Production?

Film production is a long-lasting process. Films are not made within a day. Since film production duration is long, it follows some stages. Step by step film production activities are done over time. Film Production is completed through 5 basic stages. They are: development, pre-production, production, post-production, and distribution. Each phase has a different purpose as well as different activities.

If you are serious to know about the whole process of film production, give a glimpse to this article. Here is given below an outline about film production stages. Hope you’ll find it useful and informative.

Stage 1: Development

This stage is a birth place for a production. It is the creation, writing, organizing and planning stage of a project. In development stage, an initial budget built at first. The original cast and creative finalized in this stage. Main locations point out for principal photography. Moreover, multiple scripts drafts are there in the hand of director. All the basic works before pre production are carried out in development stage. It sounds like a producer thinks about a project and then writer start writing words on a page.

Development can take months or even years to get the project ready. The crew involved with the development stage is quite small in number compared to all the other stages. It consists of a small group of creative and executives who are involve in preparing the story and related with budget making. When a project requires finance, it will move to the pre-production stage with an emphasis on the shooting date and timeline for completion.

Stage 2: Pre-Production

In Pre-production stage script correction, budget adjustment, casting characters, locations finalize, employment of crew, final shooting schedules, sets designed and built, costumes all props ready for shooting. The pre-production stage can last many months from the initial. As the date approaches, the crew grows and many people hired within two to eight weeks before the shoot begins. This stage is a big push to finalize what needs to do before the camera rolls.

Stage 3: Production

Production is the most vital key stage where all the creative ideas executed through camera rolling. Writers, directors, producers and countless other creative man power have finally outpouring their innovative ideas in the film at the same time. Production gets generally the shortest period of the five phases and so it is busiest time for all crew members. The crew worked very hard during this time. Projects run on strict schedules with the cast only contracted for a specific time frame that is why it is the most crucial hours for everyone. Moreover, Production is that stage where most of the budget allocated.

Stage 4: Post Production

When a film all done with script, budget, a bunch of crews, locations and finally have some decent footages in the process then it’s time to move on post-production. Post production is the most creative stage where editors arrange the footages.

This is where the footage not only edited, but also the sound mixed, visual effects added, a soundtrack composed, titles created, color grading or correction done for the final product. In a word, the project completed and prepared for distribution. Although the shooting crew has done a lot of physical hard work, now the post-production crew face a mental hard work in order to craft a stunning story.

Stage 5: Distribution

Among film production 5 basic stages distribution is the last one. It is basically the process of placing films in theaters. Let me explain it more clearly. Film distribution is a commercial process that makes a feature film available to the general public. This stage usually involves some marketing strategies.

When a film is full ready for release, it is time to make money for film producers for the business perspective. Distribution is the final stage where producers looking to make a return-on-investment. This can be from cinema distribution, selling to a TV network or streaming service, or releasing direct to DVD.

With the advanced digital age and fast-changing technologies, viewers are seeing content in new platforms and various ways. So, the distribution stage is constantly evolving. Like cinema hall, films should be distributed in new platforms also to get a huge outcome.

If it planned badly and fails to gain good distribution, then all the other stages of film production will go for waste as nobody views the final product and covers the cost of the project.

So, Here is all about how film production activities go ahead step by step. All stages are equally important. If you interested in film making, then have a clear concept about the core 5 stages of film production. It will help you to prepare yourself. As film making will continue to be a rich art work, you could also enrich your knowledge about it. Hopefully, this article makes it done for you at least a little.