Film Review: What I Did For Love

Have you watched this film? If yes, you can enjoy the content. If no, you can gather some primary information about this TV movie and then you can watch. My own view and explanation are narrated to review the film ‘What I Did for Love’. Let’s check it out.


An urban lawyer (Jeremy London) faces his toughest jury yet when he goes home for Christmas with his country-girl fiancĂ©e (Dorie Barton) to meet her parents. He doesn’t know what he’s in for when his fiancĂ© brings him back to her small hometown of Pine Gap to meet her family during the holidays. Once there he must survive the rigors of country-life.

However, this is the story of a city lawyer ready to make a 6-figure income in the city and be a partner with his boss and a beautiful ranch girl who met and fell in love. She takes him home to meet her father at Christmas time who at first has a tough time liking him until nostalgic events win him over. Real heroism is being able to change. This plot set with beautiful mountain scenery as a backdrop.

Primary Information

What I Did For Love is a 2006 romantic TV movie. Mark Griffiths directed this film. Albert T. Dickerson III and Jeff Kloss produced it. It starts streaming on Dec 18, 2007. The running time of the movie is 1h 28m. The production company who distributed this film is Alpine Medien, RHI Entertainment and Larry Levinson Productions. Jeremy London and Dorie Barton were in lead characters like James and Sadie Ryder. Moreover, the film’s music is composed by Kevin Kiner. The cinematographer of this film is James W. Wrenn.

Own Review

What I Did For Love has everything. I really enjoyed this film when I first watched this. I laughed and cried at the same time while watching. Some of my favorite scenes are:

  1. When Karl Ryder (James Gammon) tries to cheer up Sadie (Dorrie Barton) by giving her her mother’s wedding dress.
  2. When Travis (Jonny Acker) shows James (Jeremy London) how to start a fire without matches.
  3. The rabid wolf part was very well done.
  4. All the strikingly beautiful outdoor scenes with the rock formations and the snowcapped peaks.
  5. The hunting trip was hilarious. I liked all the Ryder family it was well cast, acted, and directed. I sure would like to see a sequel.

Pros about the Film

Along with beautiful mountain visuals, the plot is interesting with some adorable characters. I think the actors and actresses do a great job of portraying their parts. For instance, the father didn’t see the boyfriend’s inner self. All he could see was a big city lawyer that he didn’t like. His daughter, however, remained very loyal to her father and waited for her father’s blessing on her marriage. Each and every characterization was perfect in the movie, even the little dog was cute.

It also shows that crimes don’t pay. The ex-boyfriend was out to get her current boyfriend and blamed him for things that he had not done. In the end, the truth came out. The ending is lovingly warm, full of holiday spirit, and family values. It has a very happy ending. I think that most people would enjoy the climax. It is worth seeing at least once. I myself have watched it several times as I consider it another Hallmark classic.

Cons about the Film

The only thing I didn’t like about this film is the weak screenplay. Some of the parts were too predictable. I know that TV movies tend to have broad-brush plotlines with little room for subtlety, but the creative contempt and continuous humiliation that the daughter’s family put him through just irritates after a while and is too obviously there simply to hang the sub-plots from. No one would keep putting up with this level of abuse with little or no help from their partner and the unreality reminds you that this is just a product. You can lose your attention sometimes while watching this movie. Only, for this reason, you may dislike some parts otherwise it is a good holiday family movie.

Final Words

I think this film is a realistic family movie. Many city people really do act like this guy when they go to the country. I found it to be a nice clean movie that the whole family can enjoy. If you like a good clean romantic comedy, this is a must-watch movie. I would recommend it to anyone. Enjoy watching!