Where Can I Develop Disposable Camera Film?

Disposable camera film is used for events such as birthdays, weddings, and graduations. Sometimes people want to keep the photos, but they do not have a professional digital camera, nor the money to send them out for development. Where can I Develop Disposable Camera Film?

This article will cover two major areas for those looking for a place to get their disposable cameras developed: what places exist and which are good for getting high-quality pictures (and negatives, if you still use these) developed from your disposable camera. Also included are tips on how to take better photographs with your disposable cameras!

What is a Disposable Camera Developing?

Developing is the process wherein one takes pictures from a camera and turns them into photos that are on paper. When you pull the film out of your disposable camera for developing, you would need to send it off to a photo lab or similar place. The lab will have equipment such as lights, mirrors, and chemical baths (the developer baths) that they use to develop images onto sheets of photo paper!

Disposable Cameras – Options

Here are some tips to help you focus in the right direction as you explore where can you develop disposable camera film:


You could send it back to the company that made your disposable camera and ask them for developing services. This is probably not going to be very helpful, as often these companies do not even exist anymore!

Additionally, unless they have a photo lab in-house, they would likely send it off to another company anyway!


You could try a high-end camera shop, where super expensive cameras are sold. Even if there was a film processor at the store, you might find that they are super expensive or only offer “professional” film processing.


You could try a standard camera shop, like those found in most malls or shopping districts.


If you live in an area with a large university, there might be a photo lab on-campus that you could use.


Finally, you could send your disposables to a local drug store or pharmacy and ask them to develop them for you. (Call around first though, just because it is available at one CVS does not mean they all offer this service.)

Disposable Cameras – Pricing

Prices vary widely for disposable camera film development. It is certainly more expensive than just buying disposables in the first place! The cost of developing one roll of 35mm film at a standard photo lab should be about $10.00 – $15.00 (depending on your area). One reason this costs so much is that they use professional equipment and chemicals that when combined will produce high-quality images.


Here are some frequently asked questions to know about developing disposable cameras:

Q: Where is the best place to get disposable cameras developed?

A: It would seem that the best place to get disposable camera film developed is at a standard photo lab. These are costly but do give you the best quality (and peace of mind!).

Q: Does Walmart develop disposable cameras?

A: Yes, Walmart does develop disposable cameras. You can call the store in your area to find out for sure but they almost all should be able to do.

Q: Do disposable cameras expire?

A: Luckily, disposable cameras do not expire. This makes sense really because you cannot predict when you will take the pictures! It is best to use them as soon as possible but they can be left in storage for a while before using (just make sure that film is kept out of direct sunlight).

Q: Where can I purchase disposable cameras?

A: You can get disposable cameras pretty much anywhere these days. When I lived near an outdoorsy area there were some places that specialized in selling only disposables. For the most part, though, your local grocer or drug store should have them available.

Q: Where do I send 35mm film to develop?

A: The best place to send 35mm film is a standard photo lab. Air travel won’t work as it will damage the negatives. Taking it to a CVS or similar location should be okay, but call first just to make sure they do this in-house!


As you can see, there are a few places where you could develop disposable camera film. Where is best for you will depend on your individual situation. Wherever you decide to go through, make sure to ask about their prices and how much they charge per roll of photos!

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