Where To Get Medium Format Film Developed?

Where to Get Medium Format Film Developed

Medium format film is used by serious photographers or people who are into studio work, but it can be a pain to get developed. Where do you turn?

For the average photographer (consumer-grade), they’ll probably opt for 35mm film instead. It’s cheaper and easier to find. Wherever there’s an 800-iso black-and-white film, you’ll see Fuji Superia 800 on the shelf. You know what it looks like and where to find it, so no problem! Where things start getting difficult is when you’re looking for something a little more specialized, like medium format films.

How to Develop Film Processing?

There are many photographers out there who have never even heard of it, and the ones that do probably don’t know where to get it developed. This article is written for those people. Where can you go when your local photo store doesn’t carry any 120 films for you? The answer is: anywhere that processes film. 

Now…Where should you go? Wherever they process 120 or 220 films! That’s easier said than done, though. Where is this mythical place where I can get my medium format exposed films processed? If you’re in North America then Lh-Raymond (Lather Raymond Photo) offers the process of all different size negatives including 70mm 6x7cm and 4x5in. They also offer a scanning service for film negatives. If you have a 35mm, APS, or medium format camera Lh-Raymond also offers rewinding of exposed films into new cartridges. Wherever you live in the world, there’s a good chance that someone out there can develop your 120/220 medium format films!

120 Film Developing Tips

Some tips to keep in mind when looking for a place to develop medium format film:


If you’re lucky enough to live near an art supply store, then there’s a good chance they’ll process 120 films. Where I live, the local Michael’s Art Supply does 8×10 photos and film development work, but if you want 35mm/APS developed then go elsewhere! You can also try finding an old photo lab that processes 120 film rolls — those are rare today.


Wherever you choose to get it done, ask beforehand how much it costs per roll. Some places charge more than others (i.e., about $2 per roll) and some don’t even charge at all (i.e., anything that isn’t motorized is donated to charity). Make sure you know exactly what you’re getting into!


Wherever it is, make sure they have a contact phone number. Things happen and if there aren’t any issues with the film then all is well and good! If something does go wrong (like an empty spool or end caps), don’t walk out of your home thinking that everything will be fine. Make sure they call AND let them know where to reach you.


Wherever it is, make sure they can scan the negatives for you. This might not even be an option! Some places are really small businesses without much space/equipment for developing films. You could try asking how much it costs per negative scanned. Where I live, the local Michaels charges $1 per negative. Since that’s cheap enough, I can pay them to scan my negatives just in case something goes wrong with the development.

Characteristics of 120 Film

The 120 film format is basically the same as 35mm. But it’s on a larger spool that gives you 6×7 or 6×6 aspect ratio. It was mainly used by professionals in the past due to its cost-effectiveness and ability to create high-quality prints.

If there are any close-up shots of your medium format negatives, then you need to get them printed at a minimum of 5×7 inches so that the subject will fill up all of the negative space. If they are 4×5 or smaller, then some parts might be cut off which results in an awkward-looking print.

120 Film Developing Prices

Here are some Average 120 Film Prices, which will help you. And they are:

8×10……$25-$50 (film only)

4×5……….$35-$60 (film only)

5inx7in……$25-$45 (film only)

6×6……….$20-30 (film only)

120 Film is an old, outdated film format that has been replaced almost everywhere except by the most sophisticated of photographers who still use Pentax 645 medium format cameras. It’s about $2 per roll of 120 films. Where I live it’s $2 per roll and could be more or less depending on where you’re at. Wherever you go, 120 processing is rarely cheap!


On Where To Get Medium Format Film Developed? You have read, in detail, about where to get medium format film developed. It may be outdated to some however it is a good thing for those who still use the old-fashioned way of taking pictures and creating memories. Wherever you decide upon make sure that they call you as well so that if any mistakes are made then money isn’t lost on your part and prevent wasting any precious time!

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