What Makes a Movie Entertaining?

Do you have any idea what makes a movie entertaining?

Well, if you are a film person or studying in filmmaking then you may have the theoretical knowledge about this topic. You are a critical thinker while watching a movie. Because, you not only just watch a movie, but also analyze the movie shot by shot. That is why you may know the determiners those make a movie entertaining.

But, what about the general viewers? Do they think deeply about these matters? I don’t think so. But among them some curios people may want to know about this topic. This article is for them. In this write up, I will narrate the actions that make a movie entertaining. Let’s start reading.

Determinants to Make a Movie Entertaining

One of the vital reasons of filmmaking is to entertain spectators. Many great filmmakers keep gifting so many great movies year after year. Some of them have been acclaimed worldwide and remain immortal in terms of making. Which factors made those movies aesthetic at the same time so entreating? Have you ever tried to find out that factors? If not then go through the following determinants and then you will have a clear concept about how making a movie entertaining.

Engaging Plot

The film plot which can remain engage the audience and grab their attention till the end of the movie can definitely make it enjoyable. If the movie plot is dull and boring or full of irrelevant events then it can’t connect with audience emotion. Therefore, the movie will be less interesting. If there are some interesting realistic events in the film which occurs in our daily life then the audience can relate the film with his/her life. Some beautiful romantic frames/exciting seductive romantic scenes or eye soothing location can make the plot engaging. This is how a movie becomes entertaining. For example, Fight Club, 500 Days of Summer, Titanic, Sixteen Candles, Reality Bites, Roman Holiday, Bicycle Thieves, Juno, American Beauty etc. are the idle film examples which have engaging and realistic plot.

Brilliant Twist or Turning Point

If the film story has a great turning point or an unexpected twist for audience it really astonishes them and make the movie entertaining. Generally, this twist or turning points arise in the climax of the film. Though some of the movie’s beginning may be ordinary but at the last part it is so surprising that audience remember this type of films for a long time. For instance, Oldboy, Chinatown, The Game, Secret Window, Memento, Buried etc. are such type of films.

Unpredictable Ending

The films which have unpredictable ending can make a movie entertaining. Suspense and thrilling events in the film can create unpredictability in a movie. On the contrary, if audience can predict about the climax they may lose interest from watching the movie. Psycho-thriller or neo-thriller genre films are often so unpredictable. Films like Psycho, The Interview, Seven, The Mist, Shutter Island, Silence of the lambs, Identity etc. are the perfect example which have unpredictable ending.

Great Acting and Beautiful Characterization

Some movies remain immortal for protagonist great acting or beautiful characterization throughout the film. The lead character’s actions help to move the plot forward. If the characters are not fascinating or their action or acting is not mind blowing then there is nothing to make the film entertaining. Epic romantic drama films, action films or comedy movies must have this factor otherwise the audience can’t enjoy the movie. Movies such as The Great Dictator, The Godfather, Citizen Kane, The 400 Blows, The Minions, The Star War Series, Blade Runner, Gone Girl, Pulp Fiction, The Lord of Rings etc. are the eligible examples.

Unrealistic Events

This is not necessary that movies have to portray always realistic events. Sometimes audience gets pleasure from unrealistic events which are seen in the fantasy, adventure, sci-fi or horror films. People often gain entertainment such events which has no existence in reality. What we often think in our imagination world, if it portrayed in a movie then we become delighted to watch it. Audience has fascination and curiosity about the outer world or world after death. They enjoy such stories which are based on fantasy. For instance, Avatar, Harry Potter Series, The Shape of Water, Ghost, The Wizard of OZ, Wonder Woman, Night at the Museum, Paranormal Activities, Wrath of Titans, Alien, The Matrix, Inception, 2001: A Space Odyssey etc. are some perfect examples of such movies.

Final Thought

Beside above factors there are also some film elements that can make a movie entreating. I have just notified main determinants. Above all, if you want to make your film watch worthy as well as entertaining then try to utilize as much as possible all visual story telling tools. Along with nice plot you may need good cinematography, composition, good frames, better music, excellent location, interesting dialogues, charming dance or other performance and finally brilliant editing. These all factors may not be in one movie but the more maximum in number the more entertaining the movie will be.

That’s all about this topic. Hopefully, you enjoy the reading and find the content informative and helpful. To quench more curiosity about film related contents, keep your eyes on this site. Better stuffs are upcoming! Happy Read 🙂