How to Write a Short Film?

How to Write a Short Film? If you read the full article, you will have this answer. It is a free guideline to build up your skill of writing scripts or screenwriting.

In a previous article I have already discussed what is short film and how to make a short film. In this article I only focus the writing part of a short film. I will let you know how to write a short film.

A script of a short film, at first glance, looks a lot like a feature film. It has also an introduction, middle part and finishing like a full feature film.But, there are some small difference between a movie script and short film script.

Step by Step Guidelines

If you follow below steps it will be convenient for you to write a screenplay/ script of a short film. Let’s know them.

  1. At first, you have to develop in your head a core, basic story for your short film. Then write down a draft synopsis then gradually develop the script with dialogues.
  2. Dialogues have to be short and catchy. Good dialogues are important for a short film.
  3. Beginning of the story has to be very interesting. If the beginning is dull then audience may skip your short film. The rest of the story has to be engaging. As a result, audience eagerly think about what is going to happen next.
  4. Finishing of the story has to be mind blowing too. If the finishing is predictable and ordinary then audience will not remember your short film. It will be lost like other ordinary stories.
  5. You can write a mind blowing climax for your short film in three ways. i) Include an incredible twist that will change people’s idea/ prediction about the finishing. ii) Give an emotional punch so that a viewer can connect with your story emotionally and remember it for a long time. iii) Try to convey an important or educative message so that audience think twice about your lesson.
  6. Character building is part and parcel in the script of a short film. Try to build up memorable character. It can be a great hero by whom audience feel motivated. It can be a beautiful heroine by whom audience get fascinated. Or else it can be a worst villain by whom audience feel hatred or seriously angry.

Additional Tips

  • Make sure, your short film script should be as short as possible because the shorter the better in every aspect. Specifically, the shorter the length of the script, the less budget will be required to produce it.
  • Your short film script has to be expressive so that when director read your script he/ she will clearly see its visual.
  • Beware of clichés when writing short films. Don’t bore your audience with a cheap story. Avoid stereotypes in your writing. Build your own unique thinking instead of borrowing other concept which has already shown in a film.
  • Last but not the least, watch more and more the best short films of different languages/ countries. Analyze or do research of those films. Try to find out the best part of their writing and try to put them in your writing pattern. I am not telling to copy their ideas just follow their style of story telling.

Final Words

Short film is just a short version of a full feature film. There is no alternative to gather knowledge and keep practicing. So, from now start watching the best best short films around the world and keep writing and developing your own ideas. Keep in mind the above tips while writing. I hope and wish, you will be a great script writer one day. Wish you all the best 🙂