How To Write A Film Review For College?

How To Write A Film Review For College

Do you know how to write a film review for college? If you don’t know, then this article is for you.

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The first thing you need to do is decide whether you are going to write an analytical or descriptive essay. If the topic of your assignment is the plot analysis or analysis of character portrayal in a movie, you need to concentrate on what sort of writing style would most effectively convey your insights and opinions about the movie.

What is Film College?

Film college is when you watch a movie and write about your opinion on it. It is not copying the scenes verbatim or a school report. College reviews should be longer, and more analytical than school reviews. You can’t just “It was good” for a film college review. You have to include why it was good or not so good, and what made it that way. The best thing about writing film reviews in college is that you will be able to find movies others like and dislike while improving your critical thinking skills!

How to Write A Movie Review?

Movie review writing is not so hard task. But write a good movie review is not so easy task. Everyone has different opinions about movies, and it’s a great way to learn more about other people. If you’re considering writing film reviews for college, then there are some things that you should take into consideration.

Here are some tips to help you focus in the right direction as you explore how to write a good movie for college:

Watch the Film like a Film Critic

Watch the film as if you are a critic who is trying to find something wrong with it. Think about how the story unfolds and what the director can do to improve upon it. As you watch, make note of certain details that could be improved or changed. Is there any point at which the story seems too slow? Would cutting out some underdeveloped scenes make it more appealing?

Divide the film into small segments. If a movie has an overall theme, you can try to connect your insights with that. For example, if the main character is trying to chase his dream of becoming a singer. But faces obstacles each step of the way, then you could write how this aspect mirrors real-life situations and shows how many people are trying to reach their goals. But find it difficult to do so. When you divide a movie into scenes, it will help you to figure out what exactly should be said. Especially about one particular scene at a time. Rather than writing everything in one paragraph or all about just one character in general.

Look through Critical Reviews of Movie

If you are specifically asked to write a film review on the movie, rather than a collection of critical essays, then you should search for some online reviews about it as well. Look at different critics and see what they have to say. Do your own research regarding the actors in particular roles and try to analyze their performances from a non-biased point of view. If there are any rumors concerning the cast or crew members who worked on this film, don’t hesitate to talk about them as well!

Determine the Main Thesis

Before you begin drafting your film review, determine the main thesis. You should formulate a strong argument that will bring your ideas together and serve as a central point of reference for all other details in your essay. Don’t aim to write something mushy like “this movie was great.” Instead, write why you think this is so or what it is about the movie that makes it noteworthy enough to be discussed at the college level.

Analyze the most Significant Scenes

Analyze the most significant scenes in your film review. Some movie reviewers may focus on certain scenes only because they feel like these are the pivotal points of the story or how it unfolds to a much larger audience. For example, take note of how one character has a strong scene where he/she is challenged by another character’s opinion and you can use it to show how crucial it is for people in general to have that “voice” that really makes them stand out from others, whether they want to or not.


A film review of college-level requires more analytical thinking (rather than simply giving your opinion).

You might be struggling with writing film reviews for your college course. I hope that this article can provide some tips on how to handle this task and help you experience less effort when working in the future.

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