How To Make Video Look Like Old Film?

How to Make Video Look like Old Film

There are several techniques you can use to make a video look like a film. But in general, they will all fall into one of two categories. You either slow down the frame rate from 24 fps (frames per second) to a speed comparable with films of the time, or, if you don’t want to change the frame rate of the image at all, you’ll need to add grain and distortion filters that emulate those produced by film projectors during different points of its history.

How to Create Old Film style

In this article, we will discuss how to make a video look like old film using different methods. We also have a few tips on what you can do at the same time.

Use the Old Video Filter

You can use the Old Video filter in Filmora9 to make your video look more old. This is one of the easiest ways to turn ordinary footage into a film goldmine and it will always look good no matter what camera you’re using. You can simply choose the appropriate style for your movie from the drop-down menu which includes: VHS, 8mm, Film Lab, and Standard Definition. The latter two options are really useful if you have high-quality footage that you want to turn into something grainier and less clear than usual.

Apply the Black&White Filters

Filmora9 also allows users to make their video monochrome. It’s really easy to do this and it is very effective in making your video look like old film. In fact, we applied black and white filters when we were filming for our movie Garden of Eden. Here are the steps:

1) Open Filmora9

2) Tap on the Video menu button at the top of the screen

3) Select Black & White Filter

4) Choose a style from Grainy, Soft, or Classic. The grainier you go with these choices, the older it will sound. You can adjust contrast levels by tapping on Contrast under each filter if you’d like to change how dark or light your footage looks.

Add the Sepia Tone Rise or Sun Kissed Filters to the Footage

You can add the Sepia Tone Rise or Sun-Kissed Filters to your video by tapping on any one of them. Then choose a color for each filter in the two boxes available and tap on Save.

Desaturate Videos with Ash and Willow Filters

If you use the Ash and Willow filters, you can make a video look less colorful and more like film. The Ash filter is recommended for this effect as it brings a grittier black-and-white feel to your footage.

Apply Old Film or Black&White Color Correction Presets to the Footage

If you want to make a video look like an old film applying color correction presets is also an option. There are 35 of them within the Filmora9 app and you can apply them to your footage by selecting Color Correction from the Video menu. The more advanced your editing skills, the better ones that you can create yourself.


There are a few ways to make your video look old film, but there is no magic bullet that can achieve it. Just use one of these five techniques and you’ll be on the right track towards making people think that you shot in the 1940s or 1950s. You can also apply some aging effects to make them really authentic which is what we did with Garden of Eden.

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