How To Make A Short Horror Film?

Do you know how to make a short horror film?

If yes, that is fine. If not, no problem.

Let’s go to learn it.

To make a short horror film, you must have some knowledge of what makes a good one. You should study the patterns and techniques used by the best directors in the world.

To begin with, you need to understand that a short horror film is the opposite of a feature-length one. While in a feature-length movie, you would have time to describe each detail. Show off every little thing that makes your story interesting and give ample time for the viewer to feel attached to your narrative. In a short film, there’s no room for anything except action.

6 Tips To Making a Short Horror Film

Here are six tips to help you focus in the right direction as you explore how to make short horror films:

Step#01 – Keep It Simple

A short film horror movie must be simple and as easy to understand as possible. The viewer must know exactly what’s going on from the very beginning. There’s no time to establish all of the details because you’ll need to move towards your scary climax as fast as possible. Remember that this is a horror movie, so don’t waste time on things like complicated plot points or unnecessary sub-plots when it comes to your short film.

Step#02 – Gore is Not the Point. Focus On the Story

The gore and the special effects are not what make good horror movies. If you focus too much on the violence, then you won’t have time to develop an interesting story. The best way to approach it is by telling a short story that will make your viewers think about the ending for days after they’ve seen your short film. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with some blood and guts here and there. But don’t let them be the focus of your production.

Step#03 – Twist Your Twist!

When making a short film, you need to make the audience feel something. They should relate to your characters and want them to survive. If it’s a comedy or romance story, then they’ll laugh or swoon over your lead actors.

For a horror movie, it’s not so simple because there is no time for character development. You don’t want your viewers to get attached to the people in your short film. Especially if you’re planning on killing them off in the end as part of your twist ending!

Step#04 – Build a Filmmaking Community!

Watching a film is one thing. But taking part in the making of it is almost as fun. If you have friends that are really into filmmaking, then why not make your own short horror movie? You can each take different roles and it’s a great way to learn from one another. In fact, if you build up enough momentum with your group project. Maybe they’ll start looking forward to seeing more films from you!

Step#05 – Remember: It’s Only Movies

The best way to enjoy your short horror film is to remember that almost everything will have to be cut. There’s no time for overly complicated stories or subplots. The only way to learn how to make a short horror film is by keeping the narrative simple and straightforward. You want the viewers focused on what happens next, not thinking about all of the details in your script because there’s no room left for them!

Step#06 – The Film Festival that Debuts Horror

The festival that debuts horror is a celebration of independent, low-budget short films that are normally very dark in nature. This film festival aims to show novice filmmakers the true meaning of creating a good horror movie. We want to teach people how to make a short film about horror so they can connect with one another while entering the craziest event in history!

What is The Average Budget For a Horror Movie?

The average budget for a horror movie is around $300,000. However, most of the time producers spend more than half of that money on special effects and other extras, leaving them with less to spend on their actors. This means you’ll need to have really creative ideas when it comes to your script in order to make something original and interesting enough for a producer to invest in!


A horror short film can be an amazing experience for both the audience and the filmmakers. There is a lot of freedom when it comes to creating a short film about horror. Remember that you don’t have to limit yourself by any specific genre tropes or guidelines.

In fact, going against them can be even more fun! If you keep your story simple and honest, then you will find it much easier to make a good horror movie.

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