How to Make a Short Film?

Almost every successful filmmakers sharpen their skill by making short films at the beginning. Through making short films, they learn about their mistakes and later they utilize their experience. If you are considering yourself as a future film maker, then you can learn from here step by step suggestion about how to make a short film.

Short film means those films which you have to shoot within short amount of time as well as with limited budget. So, short film making is not so easy rather its quite challenging. Short films are released in web platforms instead of big theaters. As a result, small mistakes are not broadly criticized. Amateur filmmakers can take this advantage. They practice filmmaking or experiment with new technology or equipment by making a short films.

Consecutive Guidelines

If one is truly passionate about filmmaking, he/she can make a short film successfully by following below steps:

Develop a Basic Story

At first, develop a basic story or theme in your head which you can tell visually within 10 to 15 mins. If there is more than one idea,then choose the simplest because complicated story is very difficult to portray within short time.

Write a Draft Script

After finalize the core concept, start writing a draft script. Short films should have a beginning, middle, and end. A ten-minute film will only be about 7-8 pages long usually. If you don’t want to write script, then hire a script writer or you can search online for free script. But, make sure the the script has permission to use.

Make a Storyboard

The next step is to draw a storyboard. A storyboard is a series of images that outline what will happen in each scene. These images don’t have to be detailed or artistic, but have to be clear enough so that you can get a good enough pre perception about each individual scene.

Find out Locations

Find out eligible locations which are required according to your script. If the film script needs indoor shooting it is better to use your own apartment or house. When it requires outside shooting, look for a safe and legal place and take permissions before shooting where it is needed.

Finalize Cast

If you have a healthy budget to hire professional actors, you can make a casting call for the script and then audition for the movie. If you are just trying to make your own personal short film, asking family and friends to act in your film. It is more convenient and affordable way for characterization of your film.

Recruit a Crew

Recruit a crew. A crew will assist you in various aspects during shooting such as cinematography, production, lighting, editing, and sound. Depending on your budget you may hire professionals or fulfill some of the roles by your own-self.

Gather Filming Equipment

Purchase or rent filming equipment. To shoot a short film, you’ll need a camera, tripod/ stabilizer(optional), lights, and something to record audio. Buy those tools which are essential and budget friendly too. If you have small budget, you can rent all equipment. It will be managed within 100 dollars to rent film shooting tools.

Rehearse New Cast

Rehearse the scene if your casting characters are new to this industry. Give a proper guideline as a director. Dress your characters with appropriate costume and make over. Every single small thing should be perfect.

Complete Principal Photography

Take one or maximum two days for principal photography. If you have tight budget, you should complete the entire shooting within a day. Keep in mind about bad weather or unavoidable circumstances. You may require one day more to complete the shoot and so you have to think about an alternative day as well as additional budget. You don’t need to shoot the movie in chronological order. Shoot whatever scenes are the easiest to do and arrange them later during post-production. You just focus on visual. Multiple camera angle and shots may require while editing. So, make sure you captured all the necessary footage.

Make the Final Product

Finally, its time for post production. Choose a software that is easy for you to use and that can perform the exact sort of editing that you need. Do a rough cut of the scenes. Start putting the shots in chronological order. Then add audio tracks that sync with your visual and dialogue. Keep the background music at a lower volume when people are talking. If they are too loud, you won’t hear the character’s conversation. Try to implement some editing strategies. Review the film and create a final cut. Once all of the people producing the film agree on the final product, you can start publishing your final desired short films in different social platforms.

Final Words

After publishing your project, it is not the end of your duty. Its just a beginning. After publishing each of your production try to analyze audience reaction. Critic opinion is useful for your next production. If you can find out your mistakes by others, it will enrich your next production with less mistake or accuracy. Best wishes for you!