How Do Directors Film Sex Scenes?

If you watch any romantic, erotic, or exploitation film, you probably have a few questions. Maybe one question specifically comes into your curious mind. The sex scenes in the film look pretty realistic. But just how realistic are they? Did they really do it? In this article, I will notify this topic about how do the directors film sex scenes.

X-rated Scenes: Staged or Authentic?

Sex is an integral part of a normal life. Therefore, it also may be depicted on the screen according to the need of the story. But, the question is – Are those scenes really captured on camera? Can the directors persuade the actor/ actress to do those scenes? or else is those scenes presented on screen by the strategy of the director or the art director?

Perhaps you will become astonished by having answers to these questions. Most of the sex scenes that look so real are fake in actual shooting. These scenes nicely arranged by the film’s art directors and director of photography. They capture those scenes in this way so that the visuals look realistic. But there is some controversy about some films that have real sex scenes. Some actors agree to do the real sex scene and thus it is possible for directors to depict on screen.

For instance, Basic Instinct, Nymphomaniac, True Blood, The Getaway, Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss Song, Factory Girl, Lie with Me, Monster’s Ball, Bolero, Summer of Sam, etc. There are rumors about these films that there might be real sex scenes.

Why Do All Those Scenes Seem So Realistic?

Intimate or nude scenes are the toughest to shoot in filmmaking. Sometimes a single scene takes a long day to shoot. Romantic scenes are not so romantic or adorable in real life. They are just mechanical like other action shots. Nevertheless, those scenes seem so realistic. There are some notable reasons how the directors film sex scenes so naturally. The reasons are:

  1. Love scenes may look real because of good acting. When actors/ actress can express their real facial expressions while shooting an intimate scene then it looks real. But, if they convey fake expression then it can’t just happen. So, skilled or great acting is the main factor to present love scenes as realistic.
  2. The intimate atmosphere in a film set helps the characters to portray the natural and beautiful sex scene. The use of proper light, reducing crew members, and the director’s motivation may help a lot to capture these scenes.
  3. Sometimes art directors along with makeup artists and costume designers make some useful props to capture nude or sex scenes. When an actor/ actress is not comfortable doing these scenes art director help them and make them comfy with those props.
  4. By the skill of cinematography and the director’s applied strategies, sex scenes may look real.
  5. Finally, the role of CGI. With the help of advanced computer-generated imagery, anything can look real. In the nude or sex visuals, filmmakers may seek help in the post-production from editors to present some particular adult scene so practically. Some actors/ actresses don’t agree to be nude in front of the camera. This is why filmmakers have to take the help of CGI to make any nude scene practical.

End Words

Sex scenes are the most difficult to execute on-screen. Because there is a connection with human psychology while capturing these moments. As a result, it is a challenging task for both filmmakers and film characters. If the character is not comfortable while capturing the intimate scene, the whole attempt and arrangements will be waste of time and labor. So, it depends on the director’s convince power to make the characters comfortable in the best possible ways to depict those challenging scenes on the screen naturally.