Dog Movies – The 10 Best Dog Movies You Must Watch

Dog movies are a popular genre of films that features dogs in prominent roles. Whether it be as the main character or a supporting role, dogs have a significant impact on these films.

This blog is for people who want to know more about dog movies and the best ones to watch. In this post, we’ll be discussing the top 10 dog movies of all time and why you should watch them.

After reading this post, you’ll have a better understanding of what dog movies are and why they’re so popular. Don’t miss out – start watching them today!

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What Is A Dog Movie?

Dog movies are a must-watch for dog owners and non-dog owners alike. They’re filled with humor and heartwarming moments and can be enjoyed by both pet owners and non-pet owners.

Some of the best dog movies include “The Fox & The Hound,” “Bolt,” and “Charlotte’s Web.” If you haven’t watched any dog movies yet, now is the perfect time to start. So what are you waiting for? Grab a friend and enjoy some great dog movies today!

The Top 10 Best Dog Movies Of All Time

Dogs are the best, and these dog movies prove it. From classics like The Little Rascals to new favorites like Me and My Dog, these films will make you laugh, cry and learn a thing or two about dogs and their owners.

However, If you’re a dog lover, then these are the Top 10 Best Dog Movies of All Time for you!

Number# 01 – 101 Dalmatians (1996)

Dogs are the best of the best, and we know this because of the films that have been dedicated to them. 101 Dalmatians is a classic that is beloved by many, and for good reason. This pet rescue team led by Roger sends out messages trying to find their owners, and it all culminates in an exciting final scene.

Along with 101 Dalmatians, other great dog movies include Big Hero 6, Toy Story 3, and Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb. These films are all family-friendly and will make you laugh out loud. Don’t forget to add these dog movies to your Netflix queue this year!

Number# 02 – Marley & Me (2008)

Marley & Me is a 2008 American biographical drama film directed by Peter Jackson and based on the life of Marley, an irascible grumpy apalooz a dog who was adopted by musician Stevie Wonder.

The screenplay was written by Scott Frank & Don Roos, from a story illustrated mainly with interviews with Wonder about his experiences adopting and training Marley.

Number# 03 – Isle of Dogs (2018)

Dogs are the best of friends, and ‘Isle of Dogs’ proves it beyond a doubt. The story is fun, emotional, and full of life. The screenplay was written by Wes Anderson, who is known for his masterful films.

This is a must-watch for dog lovers, who will be drawn in by the story and the great acting from all involved. ‘Isle of Dogs’ is a great film to watch with the whole family, and is sure to bring a smile to your face.

Number# 04 – Eight Below (2006)

There’s nothing like a good dog movie to get your heart racing and your emotions flowing. And when it comes to the best dog movies of all time, there’s no doubt that Eight Below is at the top of the list.

This breathtaking tale of sled dogs in the Canadian Rockies is a must-watch for dog lovers and animal advocates alike. With an all-star cast that includes Robert Redford and Katherine Hepburn, Eight Below is a magnificent story of survival and sacrifice.

Plus, the film is bound to make your dog lovable (or at the very least, owners of dogs will be able to relate to the characters). If you’re looking for a heartwarming tale of animal friendship, then look no further than Eight Below!

Number#05 – Hachi: A Dog’s Tale (2009)

If you’re a dog lover, you need to watch Hachi: A Dog’s Tale. The acting is top-notch, and the film captures Japan’s unique culture perfectly. It is a heartwarming movie that will touch your soul. If you’re looking for an emotional dog movie that will make you cry, Hachi is a perfect choice!

The story of Hachi is a journey of loss and love and is a perfect way to spend an afternoon or a night with your furry friend. So don’t wait any longer, and add Hachi to your must-watch list!

Number# 06 – Finding Rin Tin Tin (2007)

If you’re a dog lover, be sure to add Finding Rin Tin Tin to your list of favorites! This classic dog movie is a must-watch for all dog lovers. It tells the story of a German Shepherd who is abandoned on a Hollywood soundstage and is later adopted by Gary Cooper and actor John Wayne.

For an extra dose of drool-worthy cuteness, watch the movie with your pup by your side!

Number# 07 – Old Yeller (1957)

Dog movies are some of the best things to watch, and Old Yeller is a classic that all dog owners should watch. The story follows the lovable mutt Old Yeller who is kicked out of his home and has to be taken in by a family. Despite his mischievousness, Old Yeller is a gentle dog who is loved by all.

The film has won many awards, including an Oscar for Best Picture, and is a heartwarming classic that will make you cry. If you’re looking for some new movies to add to your streaming list, be sure to check out the Old Yeller best dog movie!

Number# 08 – Lady And The Tramp (1955)

It’s the dog days of summer, which means it’s the perfect time to curl up with a good dog movie. Whether you’re a dog lover or not, everyone should check out some of the best dog movies of all time.

Lady and the Tramp is a story of a dog who is moved from one home to another, meeting new friends along the way. Be sure to watch for when Lady sheds her fur – it’s hilarious!

The Aristocats is a classic that every dog lover should see. The humor and characters in this movie are unforgettable, making it a must-watch. And finally, if you want your pooch to act like a real-life superhero then take them to Dogtown. They’ll love it!

Number#09 – Benji (1974)

Do you love dogs? If the answer is yes, you’ll love these dog movies! They’re all fantastic, touching, and heart-warming tales of dogs finding their way home or discovering a new life.

Benji is a classic story that is a must-watch for dog-lovers of all ages. The cast is fantastic, and the story is emotional and touching. Watch it this weekend with your furry friend to really get a sense of its magical power. Benji is also educational – teaching children about animal loyalty and redemption.

So, if you’re looking for a feel-good movie that your pet can enjoy, Benji is definitely worth watching!

Number# 10 – Lassie

Lassie is a canine who became famous in the United States as the police dog of Sheriff Tommy Shelby in the television series, Lassie. The dog show ran from 1957 to 1965 and was followed by four sequels.

How To Make Dog Movie?

Making a Dog Movie can be really rewarding if you have the right tools and equipment. To start, you will need to find a filming location that is comfortable for your dog and family as well as accommodating for your camera equipment. Then, set up shot schedules and make sure to keep track of shots so that everything goes smoothly on set.

To create realistic scenes, it’s helpful to use motion capture technology or use natural lighting in long takes instead of using artificial light. And don’t forget about the sound! Make sure to get good audio recording backups in case something goes wrong during filming or afterward when editing the film together. After all these preparations are made, it’s time to shoot some footage!


Here are some frequently asked questions to know about dog movies.

Q: Is the dog a family movie?

A: Yes, dog movies can be enjoyed by both parents and children. Some of the best dog movie titles include A Dog’s Purpose, Up, The Great Gatsby, and The Artist. Dog movies typically have good moral values that teach kids about family bonds and how to treat animals well.

Q: Does a dog movie have a happy ending?

A: Most dog movies have happy endings, as the main goal of these films is to entertain and bring joy to our furry friends. Apart from being hilarious, these movies are also thought-provoking and often bring up some interesting conversations around pet ownership and relationships with animals.

Think of it this way: even if the movie has a negative ending, at the very least it will make you think about your relationship with dogs in a different light. After all, dog movies are a reflection of our own lives and how dogs have changed them for the better.

So, in the end, there is no need to have a happy ending when watching dog movies – they’re perfectly fine just the way they are!

Q: What are some of the best dog movies that you should watch?

A: There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question as everyone’s dog is different and will enjoy different movies differently.

However, some of the best dog movies that you should watch include:

1. Incredible Journey: This classic story of a boy’s journey to find his lost dog is a must-watch for dogs and humans alike.

2. The Three Musketeers: This story of loyalty, love, and friendship is sure to be a hit with dogs of all ages.

3. Lassie Come Home: This heartwarming story of a stray dog who is lost but is found and returned home by her loving owner is bound to make your dog feel happy and content.

4. Lady And The Tramp: This story of a woman and her dog is a great way to teach your dog about manners and how to behave in a social setting.

5. For Your Eyes Only: A classic James Bond movie full of action and adventure, perfect for dogs who love to run around and play fetch.

6. Scooby-Doo: Scooby-Doo is a Hanna-Barbera animated mystery series that debuted on May 15, 1969, and ended on March 14, 1973. The series was produced by Fred Silverman Productions in association with Warner Bros. Television (tv).

7. Red Dog: Red Dog is a true story and it is a 2011 Australian drama film directed by Kriv Stenders and written by Daniel Taplitz.

It tells the story of an emotionally damaged man who travels to Australia’s outback in search of his long-lost dog.

8. Togo Dog: Togo Dog is a heartwarming film that follows the journey of three dogs who are abandoned and left to fend for themselves in an unforgiving city.

Q: Are any of these dog movies suitable for kids?

A: Many of the dog movies on this list are suitable for kids as they are mildly entertaining and educational. For example, Up is a story about a young boy who is an air balloonist and his dog is with him the entire time. Toy Story 2 is a story about a toy boy and his life-sized toys, and The Mighty Ducks are about a team of hockey players whose dogs are their team mascot.

Other than that, it really depends on your child’s age and what kind of content he or she is expecting from a movie. Movies like Old Yeller, Forrest Gump, A Dog’s Purpose, Cafe Society, and Borat Sagdiyev: Cultural Learnings of a Superheroes Best Friend may be more interesting to older kids as they discuss serious topics such as friendship, loyalty, and hardship.


If you’re a dog lover like us, you’ll love this list of the best dog movies of all time! From the classics to the new releases, we’ve got you covered. Not sure how to make a dog movie? No problem! Check out our guide on how to make a dog movie to get started.

And of course, be sure to share this list with your friends and family to show them just how much you love dogs!

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